Resistance Push-up 6 exercises for men from a professional trainer

You must complete three supersets. If you do them regularly, you can improve your endurance, improve your general well-being, get rid of a few extra pounds, boost your immunity and increase your muscle tone in the shortest possible time. Go!

Transition to lying position + overhead dumbbells

The shoulder girdle and the general resistance of the body are very well worked. The main factor is the right choice of weight. Too light won’t work and too heavy will break the technique. Find a happy medium and work with a weight that works for you.

Execution techniques

  • Starting position: standing, feet shoulder width apart, weight 5-10 kg.
  • We lower our hands with dumbbells to the floor, lean on them, do a squat and go sharply to close range, as if throwing our legs back.
  • Then we return to the starting position and press the dumbbells overhead.
  • We repeat.

We do four sets of 10-12 times.

Diagonal Jump + Jumping Jack

Both of these exercises also increase endurance and work the lower body. Pushing off the floor with your feet will become more and more difficult, but to get the result you need to complete the set to the end.

Execution techniques

  • Starting position: standing, feet shoulder width apart.
  • We perform a squat, then with a powerful jump we straighten up, turning the pelvis to the left diagonally. We repeat the movement, jumping to the right side.
  • After that, we do five Jumping Jacks: we jump spreading our legs to the sides and raising our arms to the sides above our heads. Then return to the starting position.

We make three circles, in each – three approaches.

Dynamic push-ups + dumbbell boat

Dynamic push-ups are one of my favorite exercises. If you follow the technique, you will be able to exercise the pectoral and abdominal muscles. Don’t forget the triceps, it will work great too.

A dumbbell boat will help you forget about back pain. Raising the cold body exercises your lower body, and bringing your shoulder blades together and bringing your elbow closer to your body will allow you to feel your trapezius and latissimus dorsi as much as possible.

Execution techniques

  • Starting position: Lying down, arms wider than shoulders.
  • We do push-ups, then we make a circular movement with the right hand. We push again, changing hands. It’s one repetition, you have to do 10.
  • After lying face down. The back of the head is a continuation of the spine, the arms and legs are extended, we hold weights of 1-2 kg each in our hands.
  • At the same time we raise straight legs and arms, contracting the straight muscles of the back and buttocks. Then we bring the elbow back to the chest, reducing the shoulder blades.
  • We return to the starting position until the muscles are completely relaxed, then we repeat the movement.

We do three sets of 10 times.

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