Pumping: a short workout to relieve stress and tension

Think only of how your body moves.

A great way to beat anxiety is to get up and stretch. In this little workout, we’ve put together mobility and coordination exercises to help distract you, cool you down, and gently stretch your muscles.

How to do the training

Perform the following exercises 4-6 times in each direction:

  • Pelvic abduction with lateral tilt.
  • Downward facing dog bringing the knee to the chest.
  • Shoulder and hip circles.
  • Reversal of a lunge.

How to do exercises

Abduction of the pelvis with tilt to one side

Stand on your right knee, bring your left leg to the side and straighten it. Fold your hands in front of your chest. Keeping your back straight, push your pelvis back. Go as deep as you can stretch.

Reach out, raise your left arm to your side, and lean to the right, stretching your side. Make sure the body is not leaning forward, look at the ceiling.

Hold this pose for a few seconds, return to the starting position and repeat. After doing this 6-8 times, switch legs and work the other way.

Downward facing dog bringing the knee to the chest

Stand, bend one leg at the knee and bring it to the chest – this is the starting position. Next, stretch the leg back, at the same time as you enter the downward dog pose: move the pelvis up, straighten the arms and back, bend the thoracic spine.

Hold the pose for 1-2 seconds, then bend the lifted leg at the knee, return to the starting position and repeat from the beginning. Do it slowly and within your range of motion; don’t try to stretch better with power.

Shoulder and hip circles

Get on all fours, raise the palm of your left hand and right leg bent at the knee at a right angle. Move your hand behind your back, rotating it first with your palm facing the floor, then the ceiling. At the same time, rotate your leg with your knee to the side, then move it forward, closer to your chest. Come back the same way.

If you can’t coordinate the movements, first practice rotating your arms and legs separately, and when you feel comfortable, combine them into one exercise. Alternate sides in time.

Reversal of a lunge

Lunge your right foot and stay there. Check that the pelvic bones and shoulders are facing forward. Raise your arms and stretch your fingers toward the ceiling. Direct your gaze there.

Then, simultaneously twist your body to the right and extend your arms out to the sides. Check that the hips do not turn too much to one side. Return to a straight position with your arms above your head and repeat again.

Do 6-8 times on one side, then switch legs and repeat on the other side.

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