It’s never too late: how to learn to pull the horizontal bar?

Life hacks and a set of five exercises from a fitness trainer.

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Today we will pay special attention to pull-ups, a very difficult exercise for most fitness enthusiasts and not only them. How complex is it and how to prepare the body for such loads, says world-class fitness trainer Isai Khromov.

Why is it so hard to pull the bar?

The exercise, which seems quite easy, consists of hanging from the bar with your hands and pulling your body towards the horizontal bar. Just think: with one hand you need to lift the whole weight of the body so that the chin is behind the pipe. Of course, it will be difficult to cope with this task, especially for an unprepared person. For example, if your weight is 80 kilograms, then you need to lift all 80 with your hands, which is a heavy load.

Yes, mass matters here, since the exercise is performed with your own weight, the lighter the person, the easier it will be for them to lift themselves with the same force as the heavier one.Pull-ups are also difficult because during them not only the muscles of the back are actively involved in the work, but also the biceps, deltas, and also the muscles of the body as stabilizers. By strengthening all these groups in a complex way, you will learn to perform the exercise much faster. And if you already know how, you can improve the result.

Technical and preparatory training.

A person who is just beginning to master dumbbell pull-ups should not immediately learn many holds and variations of the exercise. This is one of the best tips for beginners.

Also, while exercising, never let tension escape from your back, as well as your shoulder muscles, the muscles around your shoulder blades, and your collarbone. While hanging, fully extend your arms, but your body should not hang down or your shoulders will be close to your ears. Thus, most of the load will fall on the relatively weak ligaments of the biceps; it is not desirable.

If your result is 5-12 repetitions at a time, and your own weight does not exceed 70-75 kg, then you need to perform a maximum of 3 sets of work. Between them 3-4 minutes of rest.

5 more exercises that will teach you how to get up

Low bar pull-ups in the lotus position

Starting position: feet on the ground in the lotus position, palms on the bar, straight grip, slightly wider than the shoulders.

When exhaling, we perform a pull-up, when inhaling, we slowly lower. We perform 8-12 repetitions in 2-4 sets.

Horizontal pull-ups on the low bar

Starting position: legs flat on the ground, palms on the horizontal bar, straight grip, slightly wider than the shoulders, body even.

On the exhale we perform a pull, and on the inhale we return to the starting position. All the while, make sure to keep your body even. We perform 8-12 repetitions in 2-4 sets.

Pull-ups on the bar with a fitness band

Starting position: suspended from the bar, the handle is straight, slightly wider than the shoulders, the feet are fixed on an elastic fitness band.

On the exhale we rise to the crossbar at the level of the chin, on the inhale we return to the starting position. We perform 8-12 repetitions in 2-4 sets.

Hanging from the horizontal bar – an angle of 90 degrees

Starting position: hanging from the horizontal bar, palms on the crossbar, straight grip, slightly wider than the shoulders.

At the exit, we push ourselves to the crossbar so that the arms are bent at the elbow joints at an angle of 90 degrees. We maintain a static position suspended from the horizontal bar for 15 to 40 seconds, do not forget to breathe! We perform the exercise in sets 2-4.

Static core muscle strengthening

Starting position: Lying on your back on a fitness mat, arms and legs straight.

As you exhale, raise your arms and legs simultaneously, do not raise them too high. We stay in this static position for 20-40 seconds and remember the breath. We perform the exercise in sets 2-4.

Such training can be done in a day or two. It all depends on your ability to recover. By the way, adequate sleep and rest are no less important than the workout itself, so do not forget about these components.

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