How to pump strength? 5 exercises for men from a physical trainer

Particular attention should be paid to bodybuilding. They have a positive effect on health and even have a fat-burning effect. Strong and durable muscles make the body stronger and the bones become stronger.

The goal of strength training is to lift heavy weights with low reps and long rest periods.

What is important to know before doing bodybuilding?

Make sure your back, legs and arms are healthy. With such training you get a strong load on the joints, so do not overdo it with weights.

Do a 15 minute workout. This will not only save you from injuries, but also increase your athletic performance.

Practice your movement technique carefully. Ask your trainer for help if possible.

Wear a sports belt. It helps to fix the spine in an upright position, which will prevent injuries.

Five exercises to help you get stronger

This complex involves a large number of muscle groups. It will strengthen your joints, knee tendons and ligaments, while improving coordination and posture.

Dead weight

Execution techniques
  • We stand up, the legs are already shoulder width apart. The bar touches the shin. The back is straight, with a slight deviation throughout the exercise.
  • Starting position: you sit in a semi-squat, the hands are lowered and hold the weight, the shoulder blades are close together.
  • We take a deep breath, with a powerful movement we raise the pelvis and at the same time pull the bar with our hands up. We start the movement by lifting the pelvis.
  • We straighten up with the bar so that the neck touches the front of the thigh.
  • As you exhale, lower the bar to the floor, bending your knees. The back is straight with a slight arch in the lower back.

Realice tres series de 5-6 veces. El descanso entre series es de tres a cuatro minutos.


Execution techniques
  • We take the bar with a grip slightly wider than the shoulders. We put the projectile on the shoulder blades, they must meet.
  • Inhaling, we lower ourselves to the lowest point so that the pelvis is below the knees. These are directed to the sides and not inwards.
  • The back is straight with a slight arch.
  • Exhaling, with a powerful movement, we rise to the starting position.
  • We fix and repeat the movement.

We perform three sets of 5-6 times. Rest between sets is three to four minutes.

Bench press lying on a horizontal bench

Execution techniques
  • We lie down on the bench, press our shoulder blades against him.
  • We put our feet on the floor, pressing firmly on the foot.
  • We take the bar with a grip a little wider than the shoulders, so that it is above the collarbones.
  • Slowly, inhaling, lower the projectile to the middle of your chest, bringing your shoulder blades together.
  • Exhale forcefully as you climb to the top.

We perform three sets of 5-6 times. Rest between sets is three to four minutes.

Belt rod puller

Execution techniques
  • The elbows are lightly pressed against the body. In the lower back – a natural deviation, the back is straight. The legs are slightly bent at the knees and the pelvis is thrown back.
  • Bend your torso forward and horizontally toward the floor.
  • We pull the bar to the belt, moving the elbows behind the back. We bring the shoulder blades together and hold the projectile up for a second.
  • Slowly lower the bar without changing your back position.

We perform three to four sets of 5-6 times. Rest between sets is three to four minutes.

Standing dumbbell press
Execution techniques
  • Stand up straight with a slight arch in your lower back.
  • Grasp the bar with a shoulder-width grip. The elbows point slightly forward.
  • As you exhale, in one powerful motion, raise the bar above your forehead.
  • As you inhale, gently descend to the midline of your head.
  • Lift the bar with your hands, without pushing your legs and swinging your body.

Do three sets of 5-6 times. Rest between sets is three to four minutes.

With strict adherence to technique and regular exercises, you will achieve a noticeable result in six weeks.

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